Why does everyone hate my ads?

Should I care? NO!

Hello Haveaclues!

I’m a sad Barry today.

Nobody “likes” my ads 😢

Brand teams, designers, C-suite, investors, and even my fellow marketers allll hate my “ugly” ads.

Nobody ever tells me how great they are. If other marketers don’t tell me how great they are, why do I keep making them?

You’ll have to wait to find out the answer after I give a…

Huge congrats and shoutout to my good friend Dara Denney.

If you don’t already know Dara, what are you doing? Her YouTube channel has helped thousands of advertisers get started and improve their advertising efforts and I frequently send people to her channel for guidance. I’m literally Dara’s biggest fan, so much so, I actually hired her when I was at Thesis!

She gave me early access to her new Performance Creative Master Course and I was blown away by everything she provided. It’s her entire playbook (which she might’ve borrowed some from me 😅) and is basically everything any brand team or agency would need to build and manage creative operations and get high performance creative into their ad accounts. If you’re reading this, you probably need it.

Dara gave me a special discount code for my friends (that means you, friend!) to get $100 off and I’ll even throw in a bonus myself, but you’ll have to read to the end of this email to get it. You’ll never guess what the code is 😉 

Look at everything you get!

Get Dara’s new Performance Creative Master Course now! Full transparency: I’ll make a few bucks if you sign up from this link. (Thanks! 🤑)

Back to my story about how nobody likes my ugly ads.

Why do I keep making them?

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